Turkish police brutality as a reaction to the Turkish Spring revolution 2013

You may want to save this video and information while you can. Check out this story I just come across. I have not had a chance to look into what it states but it’s very likely to be accurate.
„Government Orders YouTube To Censor Protest Videos“

(All broken links here have been fixed)

Live feed at this link while it lasts: http://www.livestream.com/revoltistanbul or you can view it here if you prefer: http://12160.info/video/40-000-people… I’ll put alternate live feed links up here if I come across more.

If you want to know and see more, see this page, „A record of Taksim Gezi Park protest meetings.“, http://showdiscontent.com/ There’s a lot of images and video put together like a visual diary. The title of it is accurate. It starts with Day 1 May 27, 2013 and continues on up to the present. All on one page that you only need to scroll down like a visual timeline of events.

The source for the second section of footage:

This link contains the last bit of footage with the dramatic music laid over it.

One person from this country, at least I assume is was from there, had posted the following that I wish to share:

„It’s not JUST about the Park
It’s not JUST about the Tear Gas
It’s not JUST about Police Brutality
It’s not JUST about the Labor
It’s not JUST about the Illegalisation of Alcohol
It’s not JUST about the Third Bridge
It’s not JUST about Reyhanli
It’s not JUST about Roboski
It’s not JUST about the Imprisoned Journalists


‚Dictators are only empowered as long as we obey them.
Do not fear or obey them, because this will only result in them keeping their position.‘

Gezi Park is a symbol.
Show your support even if you’re scared!“

The first part of this video is a mirror of a collection originally uploaded June 2, 2013 by timetodotv at this link:

With the following text:

Kanlarını ve gözyaşlarını feda edenlerin onuruna. (TR)
Dedicated to all who shed there blood and tears. (ENG)
Denen gewidmet die ihr Blut und ihre Tränen vergossen haben. (D)

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2VbIaBAFuvg/hqdefault.jpg 0.00


Seit ich denken konnte, war das Mystische für mich ein so großer Anziehungspunkt, dass ich alles, was ich darüber finden konnte förmlich verschlang. Bereits im Teenager alter lernte ich Tai Chi und von da an wusste und fühlte ich, dass feinstoffliche Energien real sind. Ich besuchte Vorträge und Seminare darüber und aufgrund meines großen Wunsches mehr darüber zu erfahren, kam ich zu Lehrern, die mich in den Weisheits- und Heillehren schulten. Unser neues Zeitalter, mit all ihren Schwierigkeiten und Problemen, hat es mir zur Lebensaufgabe gemacht, soviel Menschen wie möglich zu erreichen, um Ihnen neue Möglichkeiten aufzuzeigen mit unserer Welt in Liebe, Erkenntnis und Heilung umzugehen.

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