Police Gang Of Turkey – COLLECTION of Turkish Police Brutality (xtra footage)

*UPDATE: Journalist Tim Pool Live Streaming from Istanbul

You may want to save this video and information while you can. Check out this story I just come across. I have not had a chance to look into what it states but it’s very likely to be accurate.
„Government Orders YouTube To Censor Protest Videos“

(All broken links here have been fixed)

Live feed at this link while it lasts: http://www.livestream.com/revoltistanbul or you can view it here if you prefer: http://12160.info/video/40-000-people-cross-bosphrous-bridge-join-taksim-gezi-park-protes I’ll put alternate live feed links up here if I come across more.

If you want to know and see more, see this page, „A record of Taksim Gezi Park protest meetings.“, http://showdiscontent.com/ There’s a lot of images and video put together like a visual diary. The title of it is accurate. It starts with Day 1 May 27, 2013 and continues on up to the present. All on one page that you only need to scroll down like a visual timeline of events.

The source for the second section of footage:

This link contains the last bit of footage with the dramatic music laid over it.

One person from this country, at least I assume is was from there, had posted the following that I wish to share:

„It’s not JUST about the Park
It’s not JUST about the Tear Gas
It’s not JUST about Police Brutality
It’s not JUST about the Labor
It’s not JUST about the Illegalisation of Alcohol
It’s not JUST about the Third Bridge
It’s not JUST about Reyhanli
It’s not JUST about Roboski
It’s not JUST about the Imprisoned Journalists


‚Dictators are only empowered as long as we obey them.
Do not fear or obey them, because this will only result in them keeping their position.‘

Gezi Park is a symbol.
Show your support even if you’re scared!“

The first part of this video is a mirror of a collection originally uploaded June 2, 2013 by timetodotv at this link:

With the following text:

Kanlarını ve gözyaşlarını feda edenlerin onuruna. (TR)
Dedicated to all who shed there blood and tears. (ENG)
Denen gewidmet die ihr Blut und ihre Tränen vergossen haben. (D)


Sosyal platformlardan seçimiş videolar,
1. ve 2. haziran 2013 türkiyede

Collection of videos from different social medias,
taken on 1. and 2. june 2013 in Turkey

Sammlung von Videos aus div. sozialen Plattformen
vom 1. und 2. Juni 2013 in der Türkei


Türkischer Frühling, Turkish Spring, Turkish Revolution,
Occupy Gezi Park Turkey

Press For Truth !

https://i.ytimg.com/vi/7VNYECTYQm0/hqdefault.jpg 4.36


Seit ich denken konnte, war das Mystische für mich ein so großer Anziehungspunkt, dass ich alles, was ich darüber finden konnte förmlich verschlang. Bereits im Teenager alter lernte ich Tai Chi und von da an wusste und fühlte ich, dass feinstoffliche Energien real sind. Ich besuchte Vorträge und Seminare darüber und aufgrund meines großen Wunsches mehr darüber zu erfahren, kam ich zu Lehrern, die mich in den Weisheits- und Heillehren schulten. Unser neues Zeitalter, mit all ihren Schwierigkeiten und Problemen, hat es mir zur Lebensaufgabe gemacht, soviel Menschen wie möglich zu erreichen, um Ihnen neue Möglichkeiten aufzuzeigen mit unserer Welt in Liebe, Erkenntnis und Heilung umzugehen.

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  1. onların gezideki bütün herkes oldu gömdüler yakalanmayanları bilmiyorum

  2. i love the turkish police

  3. Turkish police, the need for terrorists did.

  4. One people, one country, one language, one religion.
    Sorry Mr Erdogan your politics is so 1930:s.
    Why don't you try equality between men and women and give the workers their fare share insteed of giving all the profith to the capitalist?

  5. The true fascism shows its ugly face. President Erdogan is an enemy to freedom, justice and workers rights. Long live the socialist worker's resistence against the capitalist islamistic fascist regime!

  6. this people are terorist

  7. Funk That cops fucking Mother fuckers poezies.

  8. Thanks to former sheriff’s deputy and Rule of Law Radio Show host Eddie Craig’s 2.5 hour presentation called “Secrets Police Don’t Want You To Know” at Secrets Police Don't Want You To Know the world now knows that:
    1. The statement “driving is a privilege, not a right” is only true if the driver in question is a COMMERCIAL driver, and non-commercial drivers (including drivers under age 18) have the right to drive with no license, no permit, no insurance, no registration, and no license plate on their car whenever they please because non-commercial drivers are merely exercising their “right to travel/right to locomotion” when they use their own cars, bikes, watercraft, and flying machines for non-commercial purposes
    2. It is impossible for a non-commercial driver to be engaging in TRANSPORTATION or be DRIVING because the legal definitions (and not the standard English dictionary definitions which are irrelevant) of those two capital words imply that they only relate to COMMERCE. This also means that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a non-commercial driver to be charged with DUI/DWI since the “D” stands for DRIVING, and it also means that that a non-commercial driver cannot be charged with TEXTING WHILE DRIVING for the same reason (although a non-commercial driver can be charged with non-transportation crimes like negligence, reckless endangerment, and property damage, and just because non-commercial drivers are not required by law to have insurance doesn’t mean they can’t be sued for causing an accident or using their automobiles in an unsafe manner)
    3. It is impossible for a non-commercial driver to be OPERATING a VEHICLE because the legal definitions of those two capital terms also imply that they only relate to COMMERCE
    4. The fact that TRANSPORTATION is a COMMERCIAL activity means that it is ILLEGAL for law enforcement personnel to pull over, stop at checkpoints, or issue transportation law tickets to non-commercial drivers. Transportation laws only apply to commercial drivers, period!
    Law enforcement and government personnel say that they are issuing tickets to non-commercial drivers in order to “keep the roads safe,” but this is an outright lie to conceal the fact that the real reason they break the law in this regard is to GENERATE REVENUE. If it had to do with public safety, then they would make you retake the driving test every time your license expired, which they don’t. And besides, having a piece of plastic in your wallet or a sticker on your car windshield or a metal plate on your car trunk IS NOT gonna make you any more or less safe than not having those things. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who uses the roads for commercial and non-commercial purposes should feel a moral obligation to use the roads safely, but that doesn’t change the fact that transportation/driving laws only apply to commercial drivers. Oh, and Eddie Craig’s transportation stop script for what to say to the cops if they pull you over or stop you at a checkpoint, courtroom script for what to say at trial if they try taking you to court, and red light camera letter to avoid paying red light camera tickets can all be found at http://logosradionetwork.com/tao/
    Now that I have informed you about this, I would like to ask that you folks please help me in my crusade to spread this info like wildfire on a global scale.

  9. 2:00 headshot!!! yes yes!!! suffer you unthankful bastards dont you ever question the law otherwise the government will kick your ass! 

  10. most these fuckers deserve it

  11. Türk polisini yok ettiler, yerine tayyip polisi geldi. Kendi halkina nefretle sanki karsisinda düsmani varmis gibi hareket eden bir Polis yarattilar. Bu ne ya

  12. Fuck the turkish police and turkish army

  13. beat those mothafuckers down, i love you turkish police !

  14. Én mondom ezek betegek.
    Íme egy újabb akció. Ezt akarja megismételni Magyarországon a mai ellenzék.
    Ahogy tette 2006-ban. Azthiszi a sok barom, hogy megváltoztak? Ezek soha nem változnak. Ezt tudják mást se tudnak. Szerintem az lenne a legjobb, ha eltünnének!

  15. This is America's closest ally!!! Its a sad world we live in…

  16. WW3 is right around the corner.. Its the 99% VS the 1%… The people vs the government & police

    Stay strong!!!

    God help us all ~ God bless ~ 1 LOVE ~

  17. All i can say is…. And this brutal country wants democracy in Syria!!! haha please someone fund jihadi's and Al Qida to go there first!!!!

  18. I love Turkey. Please be the lovely country we all love so much. Let me fish on galata and make friends there . I love you TUrkey.

  19. you are a sorry excuse of a human

  20. Devian one word "Gulen" look up who controls the police.


  22. They should have shot every last one of these street punks and thugs on the spot. EVERY LAST ONE.

  23. Size systemden'mi gösteriyorlar lan ? Surda son 12 yildir biraz rahat ettik, Türkiye'ye biraz refah geldi ilk kez bu halk insan gibi yasadi.
    Ne istiyorsunuz ? 50 yildan beri dünya'da 3üncü dünya ülkesi deyi hem rezil oldunuz hem süründünüz. Ne bi sanayiniz, ordunuz, ekonominiz, sosyal haklariniz, dünyada rezaletten baska konumunuz, vizyonunuz vardi ot gibi ve imperialistlerin kölesi köpegi olarak yasiyordunuz !!
    O günlerimi özlediniz ??

  24. ACAB !!!

    Friends, pls help us, everbody against the fucking System !!
    We all love you & and respect you 🙂

  25. Its all been deciphered by the Turkish government intelligence services, how an organisation called OTPOR has planned the riots getting their instructions from Western authorities. How come German media always photoshopped pictures spreading lies about so called Turkish police brutality ?? Germany has a hand in this they're bothered about the new Turkish airport which will be the biggest in the world making Istanbul the new European economic center, they're bothered with this !!!!

  26. Don't worry if we want to play the game of escalating and propagating. European and American police are number 1 ranking in brutality we have enough videos and material of that. Europe tries to escalate the case cause they had enough of a developping Turkey that'll after a short time will pass all European countries economies. This is an attempt of COUP D'ETAT planned by Europe to get rid of the succesfull government they think it will work with this kind of traditional easy cheap games

  27. Leaving the government with 100 million dollar damage costs, attacking everywhere with molotof bombs !!!!! But what did the police do against this nothing but tear gas, water canon and some arrests. If this were to be in Germany or USA especially taken in account they even tried to attack presidents personal hous probably trying to kill the president. What do you think would've happened !!??
    The American law gives the authorisation to use lethal force !!!!!

  28. Hmmmm, Police brutality ?? Some gang riots terorrizing whole Istanbul ruining everything they can find. Leaving behind ruins of , cars, busses, parks, trees ( trees ? Didn't these "guardian angels" start the whole damn thing because trees and park ) and everything they simply found. They even attacked commercial busses full of innocent citizens. They attacked and looted stores just cause they critisized they couldnt earn their bread anymore. They ruined elevators meant for invalid people !!!!!!!

  29. well they are thinking that these guys are not respecting the law…them …so fuck em and they will get what they deserve …just guessing

  30. police won the game and game is over…

  31. Gerizekalı ya soyadım öğretmen, ayrıca aklı başında herkes biliyo cahilin kim olduğunu

  32. Sen buna demokrasi mi diyorsun ? Hani aşırı güç kullanan polisler neden yargılanmıyor, böyle demokrasi mi olur ?

  33. sen kimsin ya. ögretmen diye geziyosun cahilin önde gidenisin.

  34. Çapulcuların götünün kılı bile olamazsın

  35. We had no Democracy before Erdogan. This Idiots are 19 years old dont know before Erdogan.

  36. tipini siktimin börek veren karisi tam dayaklik bok yaptigini saniyor

  37. Turkish polices number one for terrorist attack, Turkish polçce fuck all Terrorists

  38. police have to support the protesters, not to hit them


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